Return on Investment

We know how important return on investment is to you, so we can supply you with download and citation data for your articles on request. As a courtesy, we e-mail the most downloaded authors each month to keep them updated on how many people are reading their work.

What we already know:

  • Individual article downloads are higher than the average Springer journal
  • Articles are being downloaded much faster as they are available earlier
  • Articles typically get higher citation counts as they are the most relevant published data and available sooner for citation

Availability of this type of information as well as what data can be provided varies by journal and publisher, but we aim to be as transparent as possible as we recognize how important it is to our authors to know the “impact” and “reach” of their articles.

Example of individual article citation data

Social Media

We actively use social media to talk about our content, share publishing news, and connect with our audience. Here are 5 ways Adis Rapid+ helps to get your work noticed through social media:

1.    We will provide you with the hyperlink for your paper. Increase your search engine ranking by including this link on the following: email signature; faculty or professional websites; listed publications on ResearchGate; blogs; social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+).

2.    The Adis Rapid+ Twitter account will update its followers with a tweet about your paper once published. We will also provide you with a unique tweet for you to send from your own Twitter account.

3.    Your summary slide will also be posted on our Twitter account to give readers a succinct overview of your paper and entice them to read the full text. You can share this with your followers also.

4.   If you’d like to use a webcam to create a short 2-minute video discussing the most recent research or commenting on current topics in the field, we can post it on the Springer YouTube Channel and it’ll be linked directly to your article via the DOI number.  

5.    Lastly, Springer has created a social media guide to help authors and editors to maximize the impact of their published research but, feel free to contact the Rapid+ team directly ( if you would like more information or help with promoting your work.

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