Open Access

Ophthalmology and Therapy is fully open access. Open access means that everyone around the world can read and download your article for free — no subscription or pay-per-view fees! Not only is the article open access, but all the enhanced features are free to view too. Additionally our authors keep their noncommercial copyright, so they can share their work freely with colleagues.

For readers: All articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License. You can read, redistribute, and reuse the articles for free, as long as you cite the authors of the original work properly and do not use them for commercial purposes.

For authors: Upon acceptance of your article for publication, you will be required to pay the article open access fee of £250/ €340/ $380 per printed page. This will enable you to keep the copyright; you are simply assigning the exclusive right to any commercial use of the article to Springer. Your article will be immediately and permanently available with open access.

For more information about the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License, click here.

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